Registering a return - step 1 of 4

Here you register if you wish to return something to us. You have to enter the ordernumber from the order you want to return items from and enter the e-mailaddress you used when making the order. Please note that you cannot register complaints here. To file a complaint pease contact our customer support.

Please be aware of that you in the last step will print the return shipping label yourself. Therefore you have to register your return from a unit which has a printer connected to it. Alternatively you can download the return shipping label as pdf and e-mail it tp another unit which has a printer connected to it. 

Select which items to return - Step 2 of 4

Here you enter which items you want to return, how many of each article you want to return and why you return them.

Tick the box on the left side of the article number and product name if you wish to mark that you are returning this product.

Check that everything is correct - Step 3 of 4

Check in the list below that the items you register to return are the same as the items you will send back to us. Check also that the quantity is correct. Go back one step if you need to make any changes. If everything is correct you click the button "Confirm return".


Article number Product name Quantity for return Reason for returning

Print return shipping label - Step 4 of 4

Thank you for registering your return online.

Now you need to print return shipping label and return delivery note if you do not have the one we sent together with your delivery. The return delivery note we need to know from whom the return is from and it should be inside the bag together with the returned clothes. If we don´t know from whom the return is we cannot refund money for the return clothes.

The return delivery note you print by clicking the button "Print return delivery note".

When you click the button "Print return shipping label" you come to a form where you enter your data and print a return shipping label. Now you hand over your return to a service point for the transporter on the return shipping label. 

Be sure you have printed the return note and return shipping label before you close this window. It is not possible to come back to this window after you have closed it. 

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