Shipping & Delivery

How long is the delivery time?

From which day is delivery time calculated?

If I make an order now can you ship it so I have it tomorrow?

I just made an order but want to change delivery address, can you do that?

You advertise FREE SHIPPING on your website, why didn´t I get it on my order?


I´m trying to make a purchase with payment card but it is not working. Is there an error in your system?


Where is my order?

I just made an order that I regret, can you cancel it?

I just made an order but want to change size. Can you do that before my order is sent?

I made 2 order can you merge them into 1 order?

Do you have a physical shop I can visit?


How do I make an exchange to a smaller/bigger size or different garment?

How do I return a product I do not want to keep?

Have you received my return?


Have you refunded me for my return?

I paid with AfterPay Invoice, what do I do with the invoice when I return items?

I returned an order paid with card but I have not received my refund?

Why have I been charged return shipping?


I have a T-shirt/hoodie/shirt/jeans in size something which I bought somewhere. Which size should I order from you?

I found a product in your shop which has a different sizing scale than I am used to. I normally buy size X from this brand, which size should I buy from you?

I have a waist/chest/body-measurement/am this tall/weighs this much, should I buy size X or Y from you?

Is this garment big or small in the sizes?

The size that fits me is out of stock. When will my size be re-stocked again?

What measurements does size X have?


I am interested in garment X and I wonder about a specification for example "big thighs", "long sleeves", "inner pockets", "button fly"?

Will a garment I bought from you shrink when I wash it?

Product complaint

I want to complain about a product, how do I do?


I don´t find an answer to my question, how can I contact you?


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